Why Upenn Interview Question

Why Upenn Interview Question. I was contacted for an interview, but i accidentally deleted the person’s information, how can i get in touch with them? We also encourage you to send an email to your committee chair to introduce yourself!

Penn Vet Admissions Timeline
Penn Vet Admissions Timeline from www.vet.upenn.edu

My senior year of high school i applied to 19 schools. Also, definitely research things about penn that you can specifically reference to when explaining why you want to. Is it hard to get hired at university of pennsylvania?

Penn Vet Admissions Timeline

What has been the most rewarding (or challenging) experience of your life? When i first went in, i was so nervous my cheeks were burning, at the end of the interview, we were chatting like old friends. Remember that people like to talk about what they know! Having prepared questions shows the panel you are keenly interested in what they do, specifically, at university of pennsylvania.